Benefits Of Panckarma

Twelve prominent Benefits Of Panch Karma:
  1. Physical energy improves:-
  2. Panch karma helps re-energize the body by opening the blockages , removing the toxins or unwanted things from the physical body their by improving the energy flow.

  3. All cause/Occurrence of disease is reduced:-
  4. By cleansing toxins and balancing of vata , pita, & kafa helps in reducing / minimizing the causes of disease or sickness.

  5. Improvements of the health.
  6. Helps in rejuvenation ,

  7. All sense are clear and active:-
  8. Sense organs as ear, skin, eyes, tongue and nose gets strength to perform their action more effectively and efficiently.

  9. The action of mind and intellect are more clear:-
  10. Panckarma helps you to think positively , improves mind and memory& also give you clear wisdom for good life.

  11. Color of skin is more clear and good:-
  12. Glowness/Physical aura is improved by Panch Karma. Skin is more smooth, shiny, strong and dryness is removed there by making it soft and proper colour of skin is revealed.

  13. It improves strength of physical and mental body.
  14. Physical power of the body is improved for better action, Not only Panckarma improves strength but also gives ability to withstand force and pressure.

  15. The physical power of body is improved.
  16. Physical Attraction is improved, looks become better and more prominent.

  17. It improves the regeneration of human body:-
  18. With help of Panckarma women and men can get the strength to have new life as baby in their life ( women can conceive and men number of sperm cells is increased ) .

  19. It improves the potency of men and women.
  20. Panch Karma is very effective for improving (sexual power and libido or vigior) in both men and women.

  21. It delays old age factors.
  22. Good long Panckarma gives rejuvenating effect, it restores new energy and reproduce new cells for the body so old symptoms’ are delays also sign of old age disappear.

  23. Human can live disease free healthy life.
  24. This treatment builds up immune system so people can live healthy and peacefull life .Panch Karma treatment improve the function of “ saptdhatu” seven basic elements of the body which are (food extract, blood, flesh, positive fat tissues, bones, marrow, and eggs & semen)


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